1. a family of Amerindian languages spoken in California (Freq. 1)
Syn: ↑Hoka
Chimariko, ↑Esselen, ↑Kulanapan, ↑Quoratean, ↑Shastan, ↑Yuman, ↑Yanan
2. a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Hokan languages
Syn: ↑Hoka
Hypernyms: ↑Indian, ↑American Indian, ↑Red Indian
Achomawi, ↑Akwa'ala, ↑Atsugewi, ↑Chimariko, ↑Cochimi, ↑Cocopa, ↑Cocopah, ↑Diegueno, ↑Esselen, ↑Halchidhoma, ↑Havasupai, ↑Kamia, ↑Karok, ↑Kiliwa, ↑Kiliwi, ↑Maricopa, ↑Mohave, ↑Mojave, ↑Pomo, ↑Shasta, ↑Walapai, ↑Hualapai, ↑Hualpai, ↑Yahi, ↑Yana, ↑Yavapai, ↑Yuma

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